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Define: Religulous

Not a day goes by where you don’t stumbled into an insane religous story, its even sadder when that religious story is about a politician. Like this guy

How do people who think this way make it to such a high level of government? In idiocracy not even the most bat-shit decision can taint a candidate.

From the Huffington Post

That’s right. Jim Ramstad was the sole sponsor of an earmark providing $235,000 to Minnesota Teen Challenge, a branch of a national anti-addiction group which believes that recruiting people into the Assemblies of God ministry will cure their addiction.

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There is a movement against Idiocracy, it seems to consist of prominent people who go against the grain and actually try to make the world a more sane and great place.

A good example of that is Barack Obama, he might even be their leader. But he attempts to bring hope, This index will also keep track of this anti-Idiocracy movement.

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War for Peace

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Scared of Everything

9 Muslims board a plane and two of them have this conversation.

“My brother and his wife were discussing some aspect of airport security,” Irfan said. “The only thing my brother said was, ‘Wow, the jets are right next to my window.’ I think they were remarking about safety.”

Just enough to get themselves and the rest of the Muslims on the plane kicked off. Read about it here…

How could this be categorized? Do we want a “Fear” Category? or could this go under “Terrorism”? How could this be categorized? All i know is it’s proof of idiocracy. I am going to go with “Scared of Everything”

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The Failing Media

In order to properly get the Idiocracy Index off its feet is to some initial posts in here so that the Template can be properly tuned. To do this we will start with posting 1 post for each of the Idiocracy categories we expect to have. For starters, the Failing Media, not the Liberal Media or the Conservative Media. Both. They are failing, they are not helping anybody except for themselves. Here is an example from just last night.

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Welcome to the Idiocracy Index

The Idiocracy Index is currently in it’s early developments, please stand by for more

I am currently setting up the categories that will be followed on this blog.

Defining Religulous – Ridiculous religions stories
Idiocracy Politics – Politicians represent the idiotic populous, sometimes it shows
The Fear – Stories about the fear filled nanny state
The Failing Media – Pointing and laughing at people who suck at their job, bad journalism, gaffs etc..
War for Peace – War updates and absurdities
Fucked Environment – Senseless polluters, who just don’t give a damn
Law Enforcement Rejects – Police are sometimes the most idiotic, this category showcases those who give the rest a bad name.
End of Entertainment – There are some pretty bad examples of TV, movies and music that are hard to believe that anybody enjoys.
Stupid Criminals – Criminals generally do more idiotic things than police
Rich Get Richer – A great sign of idiocracy is when we start allowing the rich guys to get richer
Ignorance is Bliss – Showcasing the most Ignorant

Anti-Idiocracy – Progress towards an un-idiotic world

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